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A smart move sit less at home

Don’t want to step outside when it’s cold? Being cooped up at home doesn’t have to mean a movie marathon fueled by bowl after bowl of butter popcorn! ... Commercial breaks are built-in reminders to get up and move around. Try any of the ideas here, and take a stand!

At home:

  • Pace while talking on the phone.
  • Stay on your feet while watching TV, and use the time to iron clothes, lift weights, jump rope.
  • Video game junkies have no excuse, with options like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution to provide in-home entertainment with a side of sweat.
  • Be efficient! Take the laundry up the stairs in a few trips instead of one, wash dishes by hand instead of putting in the dishwasher, use a watering can instead of the hose, and so on.

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