Weight Watchers
At Work program

Let’s succeed together.

Designed for flexibility

Weight Watchers of Salt Lake City and Southern Idaho’s At Work program brings you and your coworkers leader-guided access to our WW Freestyle™ program. In the convenience of your workplace, you’ll learn how to:

Make healthy food choices with SmartPoints®

No food is off-limits—and you have lots of options when it comes to creating meals! You’ll learn the building blocks of a healthy diet so you can eat better and lose weight.

Track your way to success

Stick to your program—and your SmartPoints Budget—with awareness, accuracy, and self-kindness.

Get inspired by Weight Watchers Weekly

You’ll receive a guide at each weekly meeting packed with great ideas and skills—and a new recipe! —to help you through your week.

Amazing digital tools

With Weight Watchers At Work, you’ll also have access to:

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Easy-to-use tracker

Track food, weight-loss, and activity—on-demand and on the go.

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Barcode scanner

Scan your favorite foods right in the supermarket to instantly get their SmartPoints® values.

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Recipe building tool

Customize thousands of Weight Watchers recipes or create your own from scratch based on your personal needs and preferences.

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Engaging bonus content

Enjoy informative articles, cooking tutorials, and videos including two members-only series, “Master the Plan” or “Connecting with Oprah.”

Want to get started? Send an e-mail to your Employer or HR rep and tell them you’d like your workplace to get Weight Watchers At Work.

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