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There are small victories that will lead to your WIN!

This month our staff at Weight Watchers of Salt Lake City share their own words of wisdom for achieving their small victories. Come back each month to get new tips you can use on your journey.

  • Savor every bite: Eat favorite foods slowly, giving full attention to the aroma, taste, and texture. Mindfully pleasurable eating can help cut the risk of overdoing it-in part because it also gives the body time to signal to the brain it’s had enough. — Leader
  • Remember that the scale is only one measure of progress and success. Reflect on the healthy changes you’ve made to your eating patterns and your lifestyle. Celebrate these non-scale victories while you wait for the scale to catch up. — Leader
  • The next time you’re struggling, picture how you’d treat a friend in the same situation, and treat yourself the same way. — Leader
  • What you think determines how you feel, which determines what you do. — Leader
  • Instead of reworking your entire day to carve out large chunks of time for a trip to the gym, look for ways you can be more active in your regular routine. — Leader

Shift your Mindset

Today is another day to get back on track!

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