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Mellisa Before and After

Melissa’s Triumph!

My name is Melissa and I am a member (and recent employee) of WW in Meridian, Idaho.

I have done WW (and every other program in the book) multiple times. This last time though something clicked! I have lost 80 lbs and feel amazing. I have not been this weight since 8th grade. I believe the key to my success was not putting an end date on this journey. Signing up for the LAST time was my commitment to a life journey of eating healthy and the weight loss was a side effect.

“I have lost 80 lbs and feel amazing.”

I LOVE WW, LOVE my meeting and LOVE my leader Kari! One tip that I have is to always track, everything. Another is to never let yourself get hanger. I carry healthy 1 or 2 point snacks with me always just in case! Thank goodness for light string cheese and bananas! I also have loved to try new recipes I see on Connect, there is such a variety!

“I LOVE WW, LOVE my meeting and LOVE my leader…”

Last but not least, when I found myself feeling complacent, I was led to the podcast “Whys Advice” and it has been a game changer for me! Having that is like a mini meeting everyday while I do my walk.

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