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Teresa Ann – Finding Me… (and who knew I was lost?)

I started Weight Watchers in 2010 – and I’ve never looked back… and what a Journey it has been.

This was me 8 years ago. This picture was taken only a few hours before I signed up for Weight Watchers in 2010. It was taken with a film camera and so it was months before I even saw my image – I had image distortion for sure – I thought I looked great – Ummmm…. Reality check!

“What a Journey it has been.”

Let’s see where the journey began. That is truly where the power lies – within your story. I was in my mid-40s, remarried, with two little boys and a 20-year-old daughter. Several years earlier I had decided to stay home for a year or two and raise these cute kids of mine. Shortly thereafter I wasn’t feeling well at all. I had asked my doctor if there wasn’t some sort of labs we could run to find out why I felt so crappy. The labs come back and it was a train wreck. Blood pressure and cholesterol were off the charts – LDLs were lousy and HDLs were so low that they weren’t registering. And the fight began.

I started walking and I walked every day – I would put my little kiddos on the school bus, wave them off, and immediately go for a walk. My husband was completely supportive. Little by little I saw the weight come off – and I mean little by little. The weight did not come off easy and it doesn’t stay off easy either. It takes real work for this short 5’3” girl. The real magic happened when I combined the walking with Weight Watchers. My very first Weight Watchers meeting I was hooked [for life]!

“Little by little, I saw the weight come off.”

My “why”…. That’s an easy one. I grew up without grandmas. I was having a great time raising these two little boys where in the back of my mind I knew that I was coming up on the last birthday of my Grandma Bennett (my father’s mother). My Grandma Bennett died from complications of breast cancer. I knew I did not have great genes because my Grandma Walker (my mother’s mother) died from several strokes when my mom was a teen. But you keep plugging along with life because life is demanding. You put yourself on the back burner because you just have so many things you’ve got to get done in a day. This picture was my wake up call. I knew if I didn’t change something then I would too be soon running to the end of the birthdays.

So I began Project Me. I walked every day – and a lot every day! It took about a year to drop most of my weight. Then in October I signed up for a ½ marathon with my good friend. I think my husband thought I had flipped my lid. I did it! Slower than a barefoot turtle in the mud, but I did finish. I have fibromyalgia so this kind of crazy really hurts and I pay for it for weeks afterwards. But it is SOOOO much FUN !!

This was me in 2011. My second ½ marathon ever. The Pink Series for Breast Cancer Awareness in Park City.

What advice would I give myself? About every 3-4 years I require a reset. Life gets hard and you tell yourself I am just so exhausted. Too exhausted to exercise. Too exhausted to eat right. Too exhausted to care. Don’t fall into that trap.

The Program is easier now to follow than it has ever been. If you have a smart phone, you can easily track. I would also say 9 almonds for breakfast every morning. My HDLs are now at a good place. I credit it towards natural almonds – the “no salt” kind.

“The Program is easier now to follow than it has ever been.”

Your body is equipment – You have to feed it the fuel it needs. Some people need steak and eggs – I need almonds. I would tell myself – Go find yourself… Go! Be! Do! Don’t be afraid to look under rocks and climb mountains. You’ve got this girl – But you have to make yourself a priority. It doesn’t happen unless you get after it and stay after it.

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