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Plan for Success

Summer can be distracting; a little planning and realistic goal setting can make all the difference. Read on to see how our leaders and members make the most of WW Freestyle during the summer months.

  • Summer is a great time of the year to enjoy BBQ the Freestyle way! I love grilling juicy chicken and savory vegetables like corn and peppers, on summer evenings with family and friends. With WW Freestyle I even have the flexibility to enjoy fruit cobbler a la mode for dessert! — Leader
  • I pre-plan lunches and dinners for the week, building them with zero Points foods. Planning allows me freedom to do things like go out for lunch unexpectedly and not worry about having enough SmartPoints for dinner. — Leader
  • I’ve learned to embrace what my body can now do, instead of always looking for the flaws. That’s helped me focus on the positive changes, and let go of the negative thoughts and feelings. — Leader
  • Imperfection is beauty. I have learned on this journey not to strive for perfection. — Member
  • Keep goals small and specific, they give you a sense of victory along the way. — Member

Shift your Mindset

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what is to come.

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