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Dan’s Journey to Success

About 10 years ago, my wife and I had great success with Weight Watchers. I came within 20 pounds of my goal, and she achieved lifetime status.

“My wife and I had great success with Weight Watchers.”

As is so often the case, our success was met with self-confidence, and we stopped attending meetings. A donut here, a bag of chips there, and a growing tendency to avoid the scale, led us down the path of gaining it all back...and then some.

Sound familiar?

About a year after this I began drinking for the first time in my life. I had recently abandoned my faith, my marriage was on the rocks, and I was dealing with changes in my printing business; ultimately leading me to merge with another company. I wasn’t then, and am still not, particularly fond of the taste of alcohol – but I loved what it did to me. It took the edge off the depression and opened my heart to honesty that I had never felt before. I was not a casual drinker. I would shoot shot-after-shot of whiskey, until I was drunk within the hour. I began a dangerous, daily habit of drinking a full pint per day, every day.

Although I was pounding my body with this relentless cycle, I was determined to keep my ‘9 to 5’ free of booze until I got home at night. I vowed early on, that if it ever got in the way of my work I would cut it off completely. On the evenings that I would stretch the single pint into two, I would either end up sick, or having to deal with a two-day hangover. If you’ve experienced this before, I don’t need to explain how bad it is. If you’ve NEVER experienced it before, be happy that you don’t know!

I ended up parting ways with the company I merged with at their behest and began my printing business from scratch, as I had lost all my clients during this 5-year period.

The nucleus of this new foundation ended up being a tag-team effort with my youngest son. Since I was getting older, he would handle the physical part of the job, and I would take care of administration.

“My eating habits were out of control, I tipped the scales at 400 pounds.”

Another five years passed. Although my drinking was under control, my eating habits were not. I was taking both hypertension and cholesterol medication. The worst part of this combination became my sleep apnea; which is always worse with excessive weight. My testing revealed that I would stop breathing, on the average, around 135 times per hour, and my doctor got me on the fast-track to a CPAP machine before things got worse.

Without much effort I would have tipped the scales at 400 pounds.

My business never really gained steam the way it was before. A great job opportunity opened for my son and he decided, about a year ago, it would be best to part ways.

The realization of my mortality weighed heavy on me...literally. I now was faced with having to go back to doing all the physical work as well as the administration, and I hadn’t had to do the actual printing work for ten years.

As any good Dad would do, I kept a stiff upper lip and assured my son that everything would be fine. But I knew it wasn’t. This was the very opposite of ‘fine.’

“I decided it was time to go back to Weight Watchers.”

The first couple of months having to sit at the printing press and attempt to do the work that my thin-twenty-something-son was doing just about killed me. Despair and the reality of my circumstances crushed me like a vice.

My wife and I attended the weekly meetings and weighed in. The leaders and patrons were wonderful, and the exchange of ideas and helpful hints were unlike anything we had experienced before.

Things began to improve. Slow and Steady.

I am happy to say that after one-year I have lost 102 pounds! I don’t require the CPAP any longer, and my wife has hit her goal again! Our daughter joined us about five months ago, and is not only a real fireball of enthusiasm, but also our biggest cheerleader!

“After one-year I have lost 102 pounds!”

Case in point: My business it still struggling, and although my goal is closer to 200 pounds, I felt that I could no longer afford the expense of Weight Watchers. My daughter wouldn’t hear of it and is now picking up the tab so her old man can make it! It’s no small wonder that her name is Harmony!

Although I’ll never regain my youth, I’m determined to regain my health, which is really the most important thing we have in life!

“Weight Watchers has saved my life!”

Looking back now I can say, without exaggeration, Weight Watchers has saved my life!

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