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Being mindful can help support your journey.

We live busy lives – there’s just no getting around it. Healthy eating isn’t just about portion control and fresh ingredients. Your mental approach to food plays a huge part in creating a healthier, slimmer and happier you. And it all begins with some simple dos and don’ts. Read on to see how our staff and members shift their mindset to accomplish their goals.

  • Baby steps! Whether with weight loss or expecting our life habits to shift, take it one day at a time, treat yourself kindly, and believe that you are worth the effort to change. — Member
  • Mindfulness has helped me break free from my old automatic patterns of reacting to environmental and emotional triggers. When I feel like eating, I pause to ask myself, ‘Am I hungry?’ and then I’ll choose how to respond. When I eat with intention and attention it feels amazing!” — Leader
  • When I know I’ll be eating out, I stick to zero points foods at the other meals, which gives me all kinds of flexibility. — Margaret
  • When we transform our thinking we transform our behavior. — Leader
  • Each week I browse the WW website and find new recipes I’m excited to try. I choose two new recipes to add to my meal plan. This keeps things fresh and exciting for the whole family. — Jeremy

Shift your Mindset

Lifestyle changes last longer than dieting.

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