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Andrea Before and After

Andrea’s Then and Now

On January 23, 2016, after my mom’s invitation to join Weight Watchers with her, I walked in to a small Weight Watchers meeting at my highest weight. I weighed in at 312 lbs. I had been a Weight Watcher member before, but I never believed that the program would work for me. I just didn’t believe it was possible for me to lose weight. I thought I just had to accept myself the way I was and try to be happy with my current situation. But, in reality, I could not even get out of bed most days. I was depressed and had used food to cope with and numb every problem and emotion I had felt for the past 20 years of my life. I had suffered with addiction, depression, anxiety, health problems, including physical and emotional pain, and feelings of low self-esteem. I had lost my self-confidence and belief in myself.

“I weighed in at 312 lbs.”

I will never forget that first week. I weighed in after having done the program, and I had lost 3.2 pounds! I couldn’t believe it. I COULD actually do this and lose weight and succeed. I had told myself for years that I was too heavy, too undisciplined and what was the point because I had too much weight to lose. Seeing that it was possible and that I could do this was a game-changer for me. I had 152 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, which was overwhelming. So, I started making small goals by weight increments to hit and then rewarded myself with small, non-food rewards. On Thursdays, after our Weight Watcher meeting, my mom and I reward ourselves by spending the day together. We get pedicures, go to movies, go shopping, go out to lunch and talk about our goals for the next week. We work hard for things that we really want and that keep us motivated.

“I had 152 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight…”

After I lost my first 50 pounds, I began running very short distances and slowly began lengthening the distance. This was a great way for me to stay motivated and focus on non-scale victories. In April 2017, I completed my first 5K with my sister. Then I began training harder, and trained for a 10K race in July 2017 and a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day, November 2017. It was difficult and intense, but I knew I had deadlines to meet and these races to finish.

“I had lost 3.2 pounds! I couldn’t believe it. I COULD actually do this and lose weight and succeed.”

I began to realize that running was a stress-reliever, a hobby, a challenge and a great physical and healthy outlet for my emotions. I notice on the days when I’m more physically active, my food choices are consistent with the Weight Watchers program. My mom and I work out together, and it helps me to succeed to have an exercise partner. After losing 100 pounds, I decided to set a goal to run a full marathon, and I’m currently training for that race in October 2018.

“Since losing 125 pounds, I’ve noticed that I’m a happier person…”

Since losing 125 pounds, I’ve noticed that I’m a happier person, a more fun and energetic mother, and I enjoy my life much more than I ever did before. Other people notice this positivity and want to be surrounded by it. I’ve received messages and comments from acquaintances and friends that are searching for this feeling and passion for life. They tell me I’ve inspired them and they want to do it too. My support group also includes my parents, my husband, my kids, my weight watcher leaders, and everyone in our weekly meeting. Their love and support has kept me going.

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